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How many tasks to include?

People have very different preferences for the level of task designation. Some find it too much to designate down to weekly tasks and prefer to include less frequent ones. Others find motivation in designating task with lover frequency.

Who defined the suggested task frequencies

Task frequencies vary greatly among households and depend on factors such as size, and personal preferences. Task frequencies are set in accordance with general recommendations. You can influence these by setting your cleaning preferences in the settings menu.

Behind the indicator

The indicator tells you how far the task is from it's optimal day of execution. When the indicator is right in the middle of the two bars, it has reached this exact day for optimal cleaning time. The two bars designate the 20% time frame around the optimal cleaning time.

Tasks that doesn't fit into a specific area

Tody is divided into areas. Task that cannot be attributed to a specific area can be organized in the area entity "General". For some task types it's a matter of preference whether you want to include tasks in each area or as a general task. For example, you may want to include vacuuming in Tody. It could either be included in each room or added as a single general task.